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  Tongjia Hongrui Group was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Beijing. It is a global supplier of dry vacuum pump equipment and system technology services in the pan-semiconductor industry.

   The company's leading products are a full range of international mainstream dry vacuum pumps and core precision components, which are widely used in integrated circuits and etching, vacuum thin film and other equipment in the semiconductor, display panel, solar photovoltaic, LED lighting, lithium battery and other industries. , environmental protection, high cost performance, adaptability to harsh working conditions and other core competitive advantages have won the attention of the industry. As a strategic partner of leading companies in the industry such as BOE, CSOT, Visionox, and JA Solar, the product reliability, service response speed, and technical coordination ability have been praised by customers.

   The company has 230 employees, of which more than 50% are undergraduates or above. It has built a management team and a front-line technician team with a reasonable knowledge structure and complementary professional skills. It has large-scale equipment such as digital processing centers, more than 50 sets of production lines and complete testing and analysis instruments and equipment. The technology, technology and equipment are at the leading domestic level. The four core business divisions of precision vacuum, regeneration coating, polymer sealing, and precision machining have more than 150 core patented technologies, and have been successively rated as national high-tech enterprises, Beijing new technologies, new products (services) and other qualifications and honors .

   Looking forward to the future, the company will hold high the banner of precision manufacturing and industry serving the country, adhering to the value concept of sincerity, responsibility, innovation and service, based on the forefront of the industry, cultivating the spirit of craftsmanship and service culture, and is committed to creating comprehensive value and core competitive advantages for customers and building Made in China The loudest sound of a vacuum gear.


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